Crab layout
Faction Unaligned
Combat Class Cruiser
Satellite Class Heavy
Base Hitpoints 27.00
Base/Minimum Weight 1080/540
Workshop Level 20
Crafting Cost 14,580

The Crab is currently the only Unaligned living ship and comes with a built-In TU for all weapon slots. It's a flexible ship as it's one of the fastest ships that can equip M3 satellites.

An example build could be using Plasma Throwers, Tractor Beams and a Small Repair Ray for close range high-DPS. One can also equip it with dual Pulsar/Pulsar M2 for early game ship destroyer.


As the Crab is a living ship, a battle of attrition will normally end badly. A ship with 360° arc of fire such as the Chronos is advised to combat them.

  • Non-veterans are more annoying than dangerous, coming equipped with dual Stasis Fields and a Tractor Beam. Staying out of range is recommended since it's hard to avoid the fields.
  • Veterans are dangerous and can be frustrating to fight, having 2 variations for a veteran level. All variants are very fast and can be any of the following:
    • First ones use Afterburner, Quantum Detonator, a Stasis Field and a Small Laser Beam M2. It is advised to take them out quickly from afar as the Stasis Field will pin you down so they can perform a kamikaze attack.
    • As of 0.12.2, dual Plasma Webs, a Rocket Launcher and Cloaking Device is a new variant and replace the Dual Singularity Cannons variant. Cloaking Device isn't used when the Crab has less than 50% energy. Pressure them into wasting energy so that they can't cloak. Drones and high RoF weapons are effective.


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