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Faction Unknown
Combat Class Capital Ship
Satellite Class Capital Ship
Base Hitpoints 156
Base/Minimum Weight 6240/3120
Workshop Level 290
Crafting Cost 1,460,160
Star Ingredient(s) 31

Doomstar is the Capital Ship of Unknown faction.

This Capital Ship can have a maximum of twenty-two drones. It also has a 3x5 L-type weapon slot (has a Death Ray installed since v 0.10.7) with an in-built frontal 30° Targeting-Unit. This Capital Ship is also very difficult to obtain due to its extreme power in NPC hands.

For player use, it can be an extremely powerful ship, capable of taking on any type of enemies (including massive drone carriers like Thor) even with just its main and only arsenal. Adding drones provides short-ranged safety. Minimizing its weight and adding Afterburner will also greatly increase its agility, effectively turning it into one of the deadliest Capital Ships.

Appearance Edit

Not to be confused with Star Wars' Death Star, although the Doomstar does have its similarities with the former, like it's powerful Ray and shape. It also bears an uncanny similarity to the Annihilaser, a superweapon from the game Planetary Annihilation, a real time strategy game developed by Uber Entertainment.

The Veteran and Double Veteran versions also come with a Death Ray!

Strategy Edit

As one of the most powerful enemy Capital Ships in the game, defeating the Doomstar will require the player's skills in either attacking or dodging. The only way to evade its attacks is to use a Cloaking System. Doomstar is vulnerable to drone assaults and Stealth Field attacks with Stasis Fields. EMP Torpedoes can force it to discharge shot early due to the lack of fuel, while also make it unable to recharge another shot, thus EMP Torpedoes are also recommended. A stealthed drone carrier Thor can be highly effective if set up correctly with drone upgrades.

  • Non-veterans are considerably weak, with only a ten-second charging Tachyon Beam (or the twenty second charging Death Ray as of v 0.10.7) as its weapon. Their attack at full charge has the ability to hit you even if you're at the edge of the screen due to the Death Ray's long range. You can use high agility ships as a counter.
  • Veterans are equipped with an AI-only Red Warp Drive, a Repair Bot and an AI-only Death Ray M2 (four times stronger), capable of killing any ships (including other Capital Ships) in a single shot. Using very long-ranged weapons are necessary as building up their attack range needs a full twenty seconds to full charge. Evading attacks with cloaking system will be needed, or very agile ships with very high DPS will do. This version also has a bit faster turning rate. When not using their Death Ray, they will stealth under the AI-only Super Stealth.
  • Double Veterans are equipped with the same gear as their veteran counterparts, but eight M81(Small Repair Ray) drones have been added with enhanced damage for faster repair and replace the Repair Bot. They have two Automated Reloader M2s that allow their ray to charge fully in ten seconds, and high turning rate due to three AI-only Inertial Nullifiers. They get even more dangerous when fully charged, as the long range Red Warp Drive let them warpping in range for a surprise attack against ships attacking from distance, while jumping far away from stealth attackers and quickly turn back to retaliate. Attacking them actually requires a ship with Cloaking System and high energy output to battle one. A1 drones (at least twelve) with the help of other types will work against this enemy, but the killing will take some time. Unbeatable against the unprepared.


Trivia Edit

  • It resembles the Star Wars Galactic Empire's "Death Star."

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