Dragonfly layout
Faction Taraniak
Combat Class Destroyer
Satellite Class Medium
Base Hitpoints 20.50
Base/Minimum Weight 820/410
Workshop Level 18
Crafting Cost 8,405

As with other Taraniak ships, The Dragonfly is a living ship with a repair rate of 1%.

For player use, it's advised to use 8 Small Lightining Cannon M3s for very high DPS, lower weight to a minimum and use Barrel Satelites as there's a lack of engine slots. Alternatively, one can ultilize 6 SLCM3s and a Small Repair Ray to assist the small regeneration.


As all variants have regeneration, a battle of attrition will normally end badly. The Dragonfly is generally slow and not a tough ship.

  • Non-veterans are equipped with a Stasis Field and 4 Small Lighting Cannon M3s.
  • Veterans are equipped with a Warp Drive and the same armament as the Non-veterans. Their engine also focus on turning to assist the warps. It is advised to quickly take them down from afar.


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