The second Event Horizon game to be released, Frontier retains the ship sprites, stats, customization, and modules from the first game although there are certain new features; such as the ability to create a "Fleet" of your ships to fight alongside you, or the loot drop system.

The title screen for Event Horizon: Frontier.

Gameplay Edit

Event Horizon Frontier's controls remain the same as its predecessor, however, the goal of the game is different. In Frontier, you are a Starbase owner, and must properly equip both your Ships and Starbase to withstand enemy assaults. Between battles, neutral ships (Scientist, Engineer, Smuggler, Merchant, and Mercenary) will spawn and roam the area near your base. At the end of each battle, your Starbase will be fully repaired and recharged, while your ship gets repaired and recharged at the start of a battle. Each level has 5 stages, with each level putting you up against a different faction, as the level gets higher, you're most likely to fight against more factions at once. At stage thirty you will be fighting three factions at once. Each stage can be replayed, however, the bonus credits and EXP you get for winning is reduced. Additional credits can be earned by destroying asteroids. Doing this is not practical unless you can output a large amount of damage.

Neutral Ships Edit

Scientist ships are Oracles , they upgrade your equipments' level. Only weapons, drone bays and armors can be upgraded at the moment. Weapons and drone bays increases 10% attack per upgrade level, and 10% defence on upgrading armors or armored energy cells.

Engineer ships have the same shape as the Event Horizon ship from the first game, they allow you to combine two modules of equal quality, and produce a new module of higher quality (note that in order to combine two high-quality modules both must have the same stat increases)

Smuggler ships are as-of-now unnamed isosceles triangle-shaped ships (like a megalodon) that are black, and they sell Stars, they can also transfer high-quality modules (purple rarity or higher) to other ships by pawning it off one ship, and selling it to another.

Merchant ships are self explanatory, they buy your unwanted modules, or sell you modules. Merchant ships refresh after each round. They can also be refreshed for the cost of 1 star.

Mercenary ships are combat ships, who will fight by your side for one round, for a price. Mercenaries always cost stars, and better Mercenaries cost more stars (for example a trident mercenary costs one star, while an Object 18 mercenary costs two). Mercenaries can be useful if you are having trouble with one round, however, keep in mind that you cannot see what equipment they are using, the only way to guess is to fight an enemy flying the same ship and assume the Mercenary uses the same modules. (side note: Mercenaries with stealth fields will appear invisible to players, so the only way to hire such a Mercenary is to fly around until you receive the offer.)

Battles Edit

Battles are much larger than the battles in the first event Horizon, with the added objective of keeping your Starbase alive (Repair Rays finally have a use now!). In Frontier, enemies attack in waves, and there is an option to send in all enemy waves at the same time, the option is in the pause menu that appears during a battle. Unlike the first Event Horizon, there is no limit to how much enemies can spawn at once, so you can possibly have dozens of enemies swarm you at once. You are unable to change your ship, however, you are able to respawn 3 times should you be destroyed.

Another added feature is the ability to send in your other ships to aid you, by tapping the Fleet icon when in proximity of the Starbase, you can select up to 5 of your other ships to be your allies, the selected ships will be flown by an NPC and attack whichever enemy is the closest, and their tactics will change depending on the modules equipped,(unfortunately, a ship equipped with a Repair Ray will not repair you, nor the Starbase). Unlike player controlled ships, ships flown by NPCs will not respawn upon death.

There are also Alien Outposts. Similar to your own starbase, they are starbases embedded in a very large asteroid, with turrets also embedded in that asteroid. Upon killing them, you are awarded a gold module, a star, and a point. They can only be fought once you find one, and they are generally found outside the starbase's area. They are represented as a red skull symbol when outside the screen.

Additionally, there is a newer type of boss that is mentioned as Hostile Lifeforms, which are the Capital Ship Wormship. They have 3 types, a non-veteran with only a Heavy Laser assisted with 180 degree TU, a veteran equipped with drones and a Heavy Vampiric Ray M2 with similar aim assist, and double veteran with Heavy Vampiric Ray M2, Heavy Ion Cannon, Black Hole Generator, and greatly enhanced M41 drones. They are extremely powerful compared to Alien Outposts, and requires speciallized ships, but rewards are much more plentiful especially from double veteran ones as it also rewards a similarly named battleship.

Loot Edit

Looting in Event Horizon Frontier is different, instead of receiving loot after a battle, enemy ships have a chance to drop loot when destroyed. The loot may then be picked up by the player's ship at any time by flying into (or near if you have the loot magnet skill) them, however, keep in mind that loot can be destroyed if got sucked in by the black hole generators' projectiles or left floating around for too long, and can also be knocked far away by projectiles and explosions. There are currently three types of loot that can be dropped by enemies:

Scrap (represented by a cyan coloured barrel) which is sold instantly for 1 credit a piece.

Modules (represented by a box, with colours depending on the quality of the module) Ship equipment which can be equipped on your ship or Starbase, or can be sold at a Merchant ship. A red box gives a poor quality module, a cyan box gives a regular quality module, a green box gives an improved quality module, a purple box gives a high-quality module, and a gold box gives super high-quality module.

Stars (represented by a golden star) are the premium currency of Event Horizon. They are pretty rare and are given as a reward for completing the 5th level in a faction-group of levels

Store Edit

The option to buy a random ship for 25 stars disappears after unlocking all basic ships. It does not unlock any Capital Ships (those that cost more than one skill points to unlock).