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Event Horizon is a new Action/RPG game. It offers exciting adventures across the Galaxy. Explore it, gain strength and fight against enemies! Millions of stars to discover, dozens of unique starships that you can modify, dynamic actions, as well as epic battles against enemy’s Capital Ships to be specially awarded if won, are waiting for you!

ATTENTION VISITORS: Poll and Announcements section is now added in this home page. The polls are currently for player opinion, here.

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  • Millions of stars to discover (With planets now!)
  • A variety of starships with options for modification
  • Dynamic battles
  • Twelve different factions each with their own unique boss
  • Battles with your friends over the Internet or via Bluetooth
  • Free to play

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Current Poll and Announcements

Poll is now over. 23 preferred individual pages while 5 preferred categorized pages for each modules. Never create a categorized module page frome here-on, instead of creating a page dedicated for Acid Weapons, make Individual pages for each module instead. However, weapons with similar functions (pulsars, proton torpedoes) must be combined. Missiles must be separated from Small, Regular, and Heavy Launchers pages however.

~from iCyanider.

Which of the following underpowered Capital Ships needs a buff for player use in your opinion?

The poll was created at 06:19 on April 13, 2018, and so far 101 people voted.


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