Hornet layout
Faction Taraniak
Combat Class Cruiser
Satellite Class Medium
Base Hitpoints 34.00
Base/Minimum Weight 1360/680
Workshop Level 28
Crafting Cost 23,120

As with other Taraniak ships, The Hornet is a living ship, with a repair rate of 1%.

For player use, it has a good amount of blue slots, capable of mounting 2 large drone bays. This gives it the potential to become a decent "living" carrier.

For players prefer close range combat, equipping 2 Barrel M3 satelites is a must due to its lack of engine slots. For weapon, Plasma Thrower with 2 SLCM3s can deals large amount of damage, while Energy Siphon with Plasma Web will make a great paralyze-and-destroy tactic.


The Hornet is slow with good armor. As all variants have regeneration, a battle of attrition will normally end badly.

  • Non-veterans are armed with a Stasis Field as their only weapon. They mainly rely on 2 M41 drones for damage. However, their lack of drone factory means the drones cannot be respawn once killed.
  • Veterans have 1 more M41 drone and a drone factory compare to the Non-veterans. They are equipped with dual Vampiric Rays for both damaging and sustaining, and ECM Jammer for defense againts drones and missiles.
  • Double Veterans are armed with two AI-only No-type Vampiric Ray M2s. Unlike the other variants, these have a Warp Drive for short range teleportation to quickly engage in close combat. This along with their natural regeneration make them a tough foe to fight head on as you will need to out-damage the high healing rate of the Vampiric Ray M2s. Firing from afar with ranged weapons is advised.


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