ISS Corvette
Screenshot 2017-03-18-11-03-29
Faction The Empire
Combat Class Frigate
Satellite Class Medium
Base Hitpoints 14
Base/Minimum Weight 560/280
Workshop Level 5
Crafting Cost 3920

A Frigate of the The Empire.

The ISS Corvette is a medium/slow ship capable of using some small S weapons and medium class satellites.

For player use, the ISS Corvette can reach high speeds with Barrel satellites and be equipped with a Plasma Web and a Antimatter Reactor.


As Frigates they are easy to destroy, as long as you engage it from an acceptable distance away from it.

  • Non-veterans use 2 Small Pulse Cannon M2s. They are weak and easy to destroy.
  • Veterans are equipped with a TU-assisted Small Plasma Web, which will trap you and deal damage over time. It is advised to use a fast ship to destroy it immediately.
  • Double Veterans use the more powerful Plasma Web, but otherwise still fairly fragile.


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