ISS Gunboat
Screenshot 2017-03-18-11-03-44
Faction The Empire
Combat Class Destroyer
Satellite Class Medium
Base Hitpoints 21
Base/Minimum Weight 840/420
Workshop Level 15
Crafting Cost 8820

A Destroyer of the The Empire. While weakly armoured, it is capable of wielding extremely powerful L-type weapons.

For player use, the ISS Gunboat is capable of using an Afterburner, Antimatter Reactor, and 2 Targeting Unit-assisted Small Tachyon Beams, that can make it very powerful.


  • Non-veterans use 2 Laser Cannons and are very lightly armoured. Hardly dangerous.
  • Veterans have a Tractor Beam, an Energy Siphon, a Vampiric Ray, and an AI-only Vampiric Ray M2. Strong foes at close range.
  • Double Veterans use dual Targeting Unit-assisted Small Tachyon Beams. They should be attacked with caution; ranged weapons such as the railgun help to kill them.


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