Empire faction
Empire Star
Colour Blue
Mothership Dreadnought
Combat types Ion Cannons, Plasma Webs, EMP Torpedoes, Tachyon Beams, Rocket Launchers, and various others
Appears at level 100 and above (?)

The Empire faction is one of the 11 factions of Event Horizon.

It is sometimes referred to as the Imperial faction, however since 0.12.3 it is known by Empire.





Tech TreeEdit


Name Workshop level Credits Star Material
ISS Corvette 10 3,920 N/A
ISS Gunboat 15 8,820 N/A
ISS Caravel 45 25,920 1
ISS Man Of War 75 24,500 1
ISS Galleon 85 60,500 1
Dreadnought 280 1,965,660 36


Name Workshop level Credits Star Material
Small Plasma Web 10 4,100 1
Plasma Web 20 6,100 2
Rocket Launcher 10 1,300 N/A
Rocket Launcher M2 20 2,900 N/A
Ion Cannon 85 6,100 2
Heavy Ion Cannon 95 8,100 2
Heavy EMP Torpedo 95 6,100 2

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