This page contains information regarding ship modules that players can obtain and use to customize their fleet. For data on modules that are only available to enemy ships, see AI-Only Modules.

NOTE: All size layouts are in Horizontal x Vertical format, i.e. 1 x 2 means 1 cell across, 2 cells down in the equipment screen. General info:

  • Equipment is in a cell layout based on color. Some cells on a ship will be two different colors with a diagonal divide; this means both color equipment can fit that cell.
  • Equipment with Grey cells is universal and can be fit in any color or type
  • Weapons are Red
  • Energy and Special equipment, including drone buff modules, are Green
  • Armor is Blue, as are Drone Bays
  • Engines and the Braking System are Yellow

The modules' stats in the tables are the base stats. Quality or other bonuses are not included. For data on quality/bonuses, see Module Modifiers

Modules can be obtained in three ways: as loot from combat, buying from traders or stores, or crafting. They also have five tiers of quality:

  • Grey modules are sub-standard/flawed, with one or more penalties to their stats.
  • Blue modules are the baseline standard, with the stats posted below.
  • Green modules are improved versions, with at least one percentage-based buff to a stat.
  • Purple modules are advanced versions, with at least one strong buff to a stat.
  • Gold modules are elite versions, with at least one massive buff to a stat.

(Some types of weapon modules have two versions, one gives a normal stat buff to a stat the other gives x2 the normal stat buff, usually +dmg, and -% to a stat. E.g. Version 1: Lightning Cannon +100% dmg and Version 2: Lightning Cannon +200% dmg, cooldown time +50%. Note gold modules with +200% dmg stat buffs are the hardest drops to find in game and extremely rare.)

To craft a module, it must first be researched in its faction's tech tree, after which it can be created at a workshop of the corresponding faction. The workshop is located in the base star system of a faction's defeated territory. Like other craftable items, modules have a credit cost, a minimum workshop level to be crafted, and sometimes a Star ingredient cost. Free Star (factionless) modules, such as engines and fuel cells, can be crafted in the workshop of any faction. There are two options when crafting a module:

  • Create Common Item always produces a blue quality module.
  • Create Improved Item has an extra cost of 1 or more ingredients and yields better items, up to purple rarity. It is also quite probable that it will create worse items so be careful.
  • Create Superior Item Makes much better items for a greater cost. Introduced in version 0.0.12, it is a very good way to get gold items.

Weapons Edit

Weapons Icon

There are a wide variety of weapons available to use, each with their own positives and negatives.

Pulse cannons: They fire red energy ammunition in a straight line. They have great range, fast projectile speed, fast firing rate, but low damage per shot and are a good all-around weapon. They are the most commonly found weapon and show up on one of your three initial ships, so they are the baseline for comparison to all other weapons. Inflicts kinetic damage.

Neutron blasters: They fire green energy ammunition in a straight line. They have less range, firing rate and velocity than pulse weapons, but do greater damage. Inflicts kinetic damage.

Plasma cannons: They rapidly fire tiny balls of plasma at a short range with a small spread. They are also considerably lower damaging than other weapons. Larger versions has a slower fire rate but has considerably higher range and DPS. Inflicts heat damage

Mass drivers: They fire green ammunition that does significant damage with good range, but has very high recoil preventing them from being used for long salvos into tough targets. Most commonly used by the Jurgan faction. Inflicts kinetic damage.

Missile launchers: They fire anywhere from one high-damage warhead to many low-damage ones. Higher damage missiles have greater range but are slower in exchange, especially in turning rate which can allow smaller faster ships to frequently outmaneuver them. The higher the damage of the missile, the wider the AoE. Inflicts heat damage.

Torpedoes: Proton and quantum torpedoes fire high-damage, long-range energy balls which explode in a small area of effect. Plasma torpedoes launch penetrating energy balls that damage any enemy it comes into contact until all its energy is dissipated. EMP torpedoes fire ammunition similar to the proton torpedoes, in addition they remove the opponents' energy. Anti-matter Torpedoes fires variable range and damage torpedo depending on charging time. Plasma Torpedoes deal heat damage while other variants deal energy damage. Also worth noting is the speed of the various torpedoes, in the descriptions listed later there is little variation (mostly 5-12 velocity) but in game terms the difference is far greater with proton types traveling quite quickly and are easy to put onto target at range and the plasma/quantum types traveling so slowly that a heavy ship can turn and/or outrun these.

Plasma throwers: These are short-range, flamethrower like weapons, doing heavy damage-per-second as long as they're active or another type which produces a cloud of plasma that deals very high damage as the enemy passes through it. Both variants deal heat damage.

Laser beams: They fire a continuous energy beam over a short distance. They do less damage than plasma throwers, but have greater range. Inflicts heat damage.

Rays: Weapons like the Tachyon Beam and the Death Ray are similar to Laser weapons, except they have a charging mechanic, similar to the Anti-matter Torpedo. The longer you charge, the more range and damage it deals. These long range beams have some of the highest damage and range in the game, while having huge energy costs and a low rate of fire. They inflict heat damage.

Lightning cannons: They fire a short range high damage lightning bolt. Some versions fire in a wide arc and can be sustained. Inflicts energy damage.

Stasis fields: They fire energy balls which paralyze the engines of the ships they hit, stopping the ship immediately and preventing both acceleration and turning. Weapons are unaffected. Inflicts energy damage.

Fusion beams: They fire a persistent lightning bolt over medium range with varying effects, such as draining hull to heal the user and to drain energy of the target. They also have the unique property of locking onto an enemy once they make contact. So long as the beam is maintained and remains in range, it will follow the enemy in any direction. Inflicts energy damage.

Plasma webs: These weapons are new to the 0.12.1 update and were first seen used by veteran and double veteran ISS Gunboats. They belong to the imperial faction and are a first tier research item. They create a large AoE field much like the Black Hole Generator; but will instead slow anything inside, and deal damage over time. Inflicts heat damage.

Rocket Launchers: The brothers of missiles without the in-built tracking mechanism. Occupy M weapon(red) slots.

Special weapons: These weapons fit the S slots and are generally "out of the ordinary." These weapons include, but are not limited to: Black Hole Generators, which creates a black hole that sucks in until an enemy ship enters it. Acid Cannons which deal damage over time. Energy Siphons which suck the energy from the enemy (but it doesn't transfer it to you) and Tractor beams that can latch on to a ship to be able to "grab" them. These "Special" weapons are generally found in the Taraniak and Daazen factions.

Weapon StatsEdit

Damage Type: Has 3 types: Kinetic, Heat, and Energy type. There is a fourth type which is unnamed and ignores all types of resistance.

Damage: Number of Hit Points removed when hitting a target.

Energy Con.: Amount of energy consumed for one shot.

Fire Rate: Number of shots fired per second with the trigger held down.

Range: Distance shots will travel before dissipating, or the length of a beam.

Weight: Weight of the module. Typically 50 per module slot.

Velocity: How quickly the shot flies through space.

Area of effect: The radius of explosions and area of effect weapons.

Impulse: Amount of knock-back shots will inflict on targets. May also indicate weapon recoil to your ship.

Universal WeaponsEdit

Universal weapons are as the name implies, being able to be equipped in any weapon slot. Encountered from the start, these weapons are mostly small and weak but several have unique effects.

Weapon Faction Damage (Type) Energy Con. Fire Rate Range (AoE) Velocity Impulse Weight Size
Small pulse cannon
Small Pulse Cannon Veniri 2 (Kinetic) 1 2 8 20 1 50 1x1 Red
Small pulse cannon m2
Small Pulse Cannon M2 Veniri 1.5 (Kinetic) 1 5 16 20 1 100 1x2 Red
Small plasma cannon
Small Plasma Cannon Neganari 1


0.1 10 6 20 10 50 1x1 Red
Proton torpedo
Small Proton Torpedo Korerans 6 (Energy) 3 1 15


10 5 100 1x2 Red
Small laser beam
Small Laser Beam Bushrak 8/s (Heat) 1/s 4 0 50 1x1 Red
Sm stasis field
Small Stasis Field Taraniak 1 (Energy) 5 1 10 10 0 100 1x2 Red
Small lightning cannon
Small Lightning Cannon Taraniak 80 (Energy) 1 0.5 3 0 50 1x1 Red
Tractor beam
Tractor Beam Neganari 0 (Energy) 1/s 12 0 100 1x2 Red
Drone capture system
Drone Capture System Neganari 0 (Kinetic) 5 1 10 10 0 100 1x2 Red
Firework Cannon
Firework Cannon N/A 2.5 (Heat) 10 0.2 20


15 200 150 1x3 Red


L-Weapons, or laser/lightning weapons have infinite velocity. They are impossible to evade when at a certain range of reach. They are mainly used by lots of light ships, and most of the Capital Ships in the game.

Weapon Faction Damage (Type) Energy Con. Fire Rate Range Weight Size
Small laser beam m2
Small Repair Beam N/A 4/s (Energy) 2/s 4 100 1x2
Small laser beam m2
Small Laser Beam M2 Bushrak 15/s (Heat) 2/s 5 100 1x2
Laser beam
Laser Beam Bushrak 25/s (Heat) 6/s 7 200 2x2
Laser cannon
Laser Cannon Veniri 20 (Heat) 1 8 10 150 1x3
Small lightning cannon m2
Small Lightning Cannon M2 Taraniak 20 (Energy) 0.5 5 3 100 1x2
Small lightning cannon m3
Small Lightning Cannon M3 Taraniak 20 (Energy) 0.2 5 5 50 1x1
Lightning cannon
Lightning Cannon Taraniak 200 (Energy) 2 1 4 200 3x2 with two lower corners cut-out.
Fusion beam
Fusion Beam Daazen 10/s (Energy) 3/s 10 150 1x3
Energy siphon
Energy Siphon Daazen 1/s (Energy) 5/s 10 100 1x2
Vampiric ray
Vampiric Ray Daazen 10/s (Energy) 6/s 9 150 1x3
Heavy laser beam m2
Heavy Laser Beam M2 Jurgans 33/s


20/s 18 450 3x3
Heavy Vampiric Ray
Heavy Vampiric Ray N/A

15/s (Energy)

30/s 16 250 3x3


Small tachyon beam
Small Tachyon Beam Unknown 200/s (Heat) 50 0.2 25 200 1x4
Tachyon beam
Tachyon Beam Unknown 300/s (Energy) 150 0.1 40 400 2x4
Death ray
Death Ray Unknown 500/s


200 0.05 80 750 3x5


C-Weapons, or cannon weapons, are mostly used by the Veniri, Zumbalari and Neganari factions and they are very common early on.

Weapon Faction

Damage (Type)

Energy Con. Fire Rate Range


Velocity Impulse Weight
Pulse cannon
Pulse Cannon Veniri 2 (Kinetic) 1 5 20 20 1 150
Pulse cannon m2
Pulse Cannon M2 Veniri 6 (Kinetic) 5 2 20 22 10 150
Heavy pulse cannon
Heavy Pulse Cannon Veniri 5 (Kinetic) 5 3 30 15 10 150
Neutron blaster
Neutron Blaster Zumbalari 3 (Kinetic) 1 4 15 15 10 150
Neutron blaster m2
Neutron Blaster M2 Zumbalari 4 (Kinetic) 3 4 18 15 30 200
Heavy neutron blaster
Heavy Neutron Blaster Zumbalari 6 (Kinetic) 3 5 18 18 20 300
Mass driver
Mass Driver Jurgans 5 (Kinetic) 3 2 15 16 50 150
Mass driver m2
Mass Driver M2 Jurgans 7 (Kinetic) 4 3 17 16 100 200
Pulse multi-cannon
Pulse Multi-Cannon Neganari 1.5x7 (Kinetic) 0.7 3 12 30 10 150
Plasma multi-cannon
Plasma Multi-Cannon Neganari 3.5x8 (Heat) 1.5 3 18 30 10 300
Railgun Veniri 20 (Kinetic) 30 0.2 40 30 200 200
Machine gun
Machine Gun Neganari 1.5x20 (Kinetic) 1x20 0.5 18 25 1 200
Ion canon
Ion Cannon The Empire 5


3 4 30 100 5 300
H ion canon
Heavy Ion Cannon The Empire 20


6 2 35


100 20 400
Holy cannon
Holy Cannon Free Stars 50 (Kinetic) 5 3



20 20 450


M-Weapons or missile weapons are weapons that fire anywhere from one big missile to several smaller ones that home in on opponent ships. Their damage output can be considered variable, due to the fact that missiles don't always hit an enemy ship head-on, but can still do damage when hit by the blast wave albeit lower when compared to a direct hit. They are drawn to sources of heat, and so are easily beaten by using ECM Jammers or Pulsars. 

Missiles also have better turning rates when the player acquires reduced projectile weight modules which can lead to very high accuracy in the case of -80% projectile weight. 

Weapon Faction Damage Energy Con. Fire Rate Range


Velocity Impulse Weight
Small missile launcher
Small Missile Launcher Bushrak 6 (Heat) 1 1 12


15 20 50
Missile launcher
Missile Launcher Bushrak 3x4 (Heat) 2 1 15


15 20 100
Missile launcher m2
Missile Launcher M2 Bushrak

24 (Heat)

4 0.5 25


14 100 200
Heavy missile launcher
Heavy Missile Launcher Bushrak 8   (Heat) 2 1 30


15 50 300
Rocket Launcher
Heavy Missile Launcher M2 Bushrak 50 (Heat) 20 0.1 100


12 200 300
Rocket Launcher
Missile Launcher M3 Bushrak 5


2 1 20


20 50 100
Red missile
Heavy Missile Launcher M3 None 40 (heat) 20 0.1 60


30 30 300
Rocket Launcher
Rocket Launcher Imperial 3


2 0.5 30


30 50 100
Rocket launcher M2
Rocket Launcher M2 Imperial 10


4 1.5 40


30 100 150


T-Weapons, or torpedo weapons are ball-shaped projectiles that can be blue red or green and are most commonly used by the Koreran faction. Torpedo slots are used by the Megalodon(single veteran), the Overlord(single veteran), the Raven, the Raven Mk2 the Barracuda, the Manticore, the Proxima, the Object 117  and the Tyrant.

Weapon Faction

Damage (Type)

Energy Con. Fire Rate Range


Velocity Impulse Weight
Emp torpedo

EMP Torpedo

Korerans 10 (Energy) 10 0.5 25


17 100 200
Heavy EMP torpedo
Heavy EMP Torpedo The Empire 20 (Energy) 20 0.5

30   (7)

15 100 450
Proton torpedo
Proton Torpedo Korerans 7.5 (Energy) 5 2 20


10 10 150
Proton torpedo
Proton Torpedo M2 Korerans 10 (Energy) 7 2 20


12 100 150
Heavy proton torpedo
Heavy Proton Torpedo Korerans 15 (Energy) 5 1 30


15 20 200
Heavy plasma torpedo m1
Heavy Plasma Torpedo M1 Jurgans 90 (Heat) 5 1.2 30


5 0 300
Heavy quantum torpedo
Heavy Quantum Torpedo Jurgans 40 (Energy) 10 0.5 30


5 200 300
Heavy anti-matter torpedo
Heavy Anti-matter Torpedo Unknown 300 (Energy) 150 0.1 60


18 500 400


S-weapons or Special weapons, are mostly used by the living ships and could also been seen as a miscellaneous category.

Weapon Faction

Damage (Type)

Energy Con. Fire Rate Range


Velocity Weight
Plasma thrower
Plasma Thrower Jurgans 30 (Heat) 1 10 5 5 200
Plasma thrower
Plasma Thrower M2 Jurgans 15 (Heat) 1 10 x 0.5 200
Stasis field
Stasis Field Taraniak 4


8 1 20 10 200
Heavy anti-matter bomb - pulsar
Pulsar Taraniak 10/s (Heat) 4/s (5) 200
Heavy anti-matter bomb - pulsar
Pulsar M2 Jurgans 15/s (Energy) 6/s (7) 200
Acid cannon
Acid Cannon Jurgans 20x4

(No Type) 

15 0.2 20 2.5 300
Heavy acid missile
Heavy Acid Missile Jurgans 7

(No type)

2 1 30


15 300
Heavy anti-matter bomb - pulsar
Heavy Anti-Matter Bomb Taraniak 75 (Heat) 20 0.4 (7) 450
Heavy Anti Matter Bomb M2
Heavy Anti-matter Bomb M2 Taraniak 150 (Heat) 25 0.1 (15) 450
Fragmentation bomb
Fragmentation Bomb Zumbalari 6 (Kinetic/ Heat?) 25 5 50


6 300
Black hole generator
Black Hole Generator Daazen 75 (Energy/ Kinetic?) 25 0.1 30


6 450
Singularity cannon
Singularity Cannon Neganari 5


5 0.5 20


16 200
Small plasma web
Small Plasma Web The Empire

6 (Heat)

Duration: 6 seconds

5 2.5 15


15 150
Plasma web
Plasma Web The Empire

8 (Heat)

Duration: 10 seconds

15 2.5 25


10 200

Energy Edit

Energy Icon

There are two components to energy generation: reactors and fuel cells.

Reactors determine the rate at which your energy supply regenerates.

Fuel cells determine your overall energy supply.

The small, regular and large reactors, fuel cells and armored fuel cells are 1x1, 2x2 and 3x3 in size.

Energy Faction Rech. Rate Energy Weight Other Size
Nuclear reactor
Small Nuclear Reactor Free Stars +2 50 1x1


Nuclear reactor
Nuclear Reactor Free Stars +10 200 2x2


Nuclear reactor
Large Nuclear Reactor Free Stars +27 450 3x3


Anti-matter reactor
Anti-Matter Reactor Daazen +30 500 3x3


Plus shape

Large anti-matter reactor
Large Anti-Matter Reactor Daazen +119 1700 5x5


Thatch shape

Small fuel cells
Small Fuel Cells Free Stars +5 20 1x1


Fuel cells
Fuel Cells Free Stars +24 80 2x2


Large fuel cell
Large Fuel Cells Free Stars +63 180 3x3


Small armored fuel cells
Small Armored Fuel Cells Korerans +5 80 Hit Points




Armored fuel cell
Armored Fuel Cells Korerans +24 320 Hit Points




Heavy armored fuel cell
Heavy Armored Fuel Cells Korerans +63 720 Hit





Defense Edit

Defense Icon

Defense comes in three forms: Armors, Shields, and Activated Defense Systems.

Titanium Armors provide  direct boost to hit points. Impact Armors, Thermal Armors and Energy Absorbers provides resistances to Kinetic, Heat and Energy damages respectively. The resistance percentage is affected by the Hit Points and the Resistance Value. The resistance percentage is higher with fewer Hit Points and Higher Resistance Value, . In addition, Impact Armor increases Ramming Damage while the Energy Absorbers provide Energy Absorption and the Thermal Armor slightly increases power regeneration.

Shield is a concept implemented in 0.12.4. It is passively recharged by the Shield Generators. It absorbs damage first before the armor. It is important to know that Shields don't benefit from resistance.

Frontal Energy Shield projects a force field in front of your ship which absorbs all incoming damage EXCEPT FOR explosive area-of-effect damage from Missiles and torpedoes; at least some of their damage will get through. Energy Shield projects a force field around your ship, which absorbs all incoming damage. They are powered by your ship's energy supply and drain more energy when being taxed by incoming fire. These Energy Shields are Activated Defense Systems.

Point-Defense System destroys incoming projectiles, but requires energy to function. It is an Activated Defense System

The Cloaking System prevents incoming projectiles and AoE attacks from dealing damage to your ship by allowing it to pass through when activated, however enemies are still fully aware of where you are and guided projectiles will still follow you. It is an Activated Defense System and can be toggled on.

Defense Faction Size Weight Resistance Type Resistance Other
Light titanium armor
Light Titanium Armor Free Stars 1x1 Blue 100 - - Hit Points: +8.00
Titanium armor
Titanium Armor Free Stars 2x2 Blue 400 - - Hit Points: +40.00
Heavy titanium armor
Heavy Titanium Armor Free Stars 3x3 Blue 900 - - Hit Points: +108.00
Light impact armor
Light Impact Armor Jurgans 1x1 Blue 100 Kinetic 24.00 Ramming Damage: +24.00
Impact armor
Impact Armor Jurgans 2x2 Blue 400 Kinetic 120.00 Ramming Damage: +120.00
Heavy impact armor
Heavy Impact Armor Jurgans 3x3 Blue 900 Kinetic 324.00 Ramming Damage: +324.00
Small energy absorber
Small Energy Absorber Daazen 1x1 Blue 100 Energy 24.00 Energy Absorption: +24.00
Energy absorber
Energy Absorber Daazen 2x2 Blue 400 Energy 120.00 Energy Absorption: +120.00
Heavy energy absorber
Heavy Energy Absorber Daazen 3x3 Blue 900 Energy 324.00 Energy Absorption: +324.00
Light thermal armor
Light Thermal Armor Zumbalari 1x1 Blue 100 Heat 24.00 Energy Recharge + 0.4
Thermal armor
Thermal Armor Zumbalari 2x2 Blue 400 Heat 120.00 Energy Recharge + 2
Heavy thermal armor
Heavy Thermal Armor Zumbalari 3x3 Blue 900 Heat 324.00 Energy Recharge + 5.4
Frontal energy shield
Frontal Energy Shield Bushrak 3x2 Green


140 - - Energy Consumption: Variable
Energy shield
Energy Shield Bushrak 3x3 Green


210 - - Energy Consumption: Variable
Point-defense system
Point-Defense System Neganari 3x2 Green


120 - - Energy Consumption: Variable
Small shield capacitor
Small Shield Capacitor Free Stars 1x1


40 - - Shield Points: +4
Medium shield capacitor
Medium Shield Capacitor Free Stars 2x2


160 - - Shield Points: +20
Large shield capacitor
Large Shield Capacitor Free Stars 3x3


360 - - Shield Points: +51
Small energy capacitor
Small Shield Generator Free Stars 1x1


50 - - Energy Consumption: +0.5

Recharge Rate:


Medium energy capacitor
Medium Shield Generator Free Stars 2x2


200 - - Energy Consumption: +2.5

Recharge Rate:


Large energy capacitor
Large Shield Generator Free Stars 3x3


450 - - Energy Consumption: +6.5

Recharge Rate:


Cloaking system
Cloaking System Veniri 2x2


120 - - Energy Con.: Variable

Cloaks ship; Makes objects pass through ship without harm.

Fortification module
Fortification Module Unknown 3x2

Inverted T-shape

120 - - Energy Con.: Variable

Drastically increases kinetic resistance and BHG resistance to about 50%, and ramming damage

Engines Edit

Engines Icon

Engines come in four types: nuclear, fusion, afterburner and braking.

Nuclear drives provide little acceleration but a large amount of turn rate, which affects your ship's ability to turn.

Fusion drives provide a lot of acceleration but little turn rate. At least one is necessary to get any measurable speed out of a ship.

Afterburners are an activated component which provide a large burst of acceleration and are fueled by your energy supply, unlike normal engines. They provide no turn rate, and so must be supplemented with nuclear drives. In recent versions, afterburners require fusion drives to actually use properly.

The Braking Unit passively slows your ship's movement speed when your engines are not being used in order to halt movement, as well as reduces the effects of enemy produced gravity. This effect stacks, with each unit equipped further increasing the movement speed reduction. It consumes power based on a fixed ratio of 0.25% of your ship's base weight. (Base Weight x .0025 = energy consumption)

Engine Faction Size Energy Con. Velocity Turn Rate Weight Details
Small nuclear drive
Small Nuclear Drive Free Stars 1x1 Yellow 0.5 0.2 2 20 The starting nuclear drive
Nuclear drive
Nuclear Drive Free Stars 2x1 Yellow 2 1 4 40 The midrange nuclear drive
Large nuclear drive
Large Nuclear Drive Free Stars 2x2 Yellow 5 4 6 80 The largest and strongest nuclear drive
Small fusion drive
Small Fusion Drive Free Stars 1x1 Yellow 1 1 1 25 The starting fusion drive
Fusion drive
Fusion Drive Free Stars 1x2 Yellow 3 3 1 50 The midrange fusion drive
Large fusion drive
Large Fusion Drive Free Stars 2x2 Yellow 6 6 3 100 The largest and strongest fusion drive
Titan drive
Titan Drive Free Stars 3x3 Yellow 10 15 15 600 A large and heavy yet powerful drive suitable for Capital Ships
Afterburner Neganari 1x3 Yellow Variable Variable N/A 90 An activated engine module that gives an extreme boost of speed at a high energy drain
Braking system
Braking System Unknown 2x1 Yellow Variable N/A N/A 60 Brakes the ship when the engine or afterburner is not activated

Drones Edit

Drones Icon

Drone modules release small attack drones that have varying weapons and abilities depending on model. It is now required to have at least a drone factory to manufacture lost drones The AI can be swapped between offensive and defensive in the ship editor.

Small Drone Bays take up 2x3 blue slots, deploy one drone, have an energy consumption of 2 and range of 20.

Standard Drones Bays take up 3x4 blue slots (one cut out in the bottom-right corner, total of 11 slots), deploy two drones, have an energy consumption of 4 and range of 25.

Large Drone Bays take up 5x3 blue slots, deploy three drones, have an energy consumption of 6 and range of 30.

Drone Upgrade Modules fit into green slots and modify the stats of drones you deploy for a cost of spawn speed and energy.

Notes that might be helpful 

    1. Drone Control units have a max recommended speed of 360% for M21 and M81 drones, but more for any other drones. Any more than 360% speed will cause the laser drones to not fire, but instead orbit the enemy.
    2. For non-laser-type drones (aka drones with ranged attacks), the max speed recommended is under debate: it isn't really known if there is a max speed.
    3. The Drone Damage Amplifier's increase the amount healed to the carrier, not just the damage dealt to the enemy.
    4. Certain drone modules golden modifiers are more potent. For instance, a golden drone damage amplifier will add double the damage, as opposed to a ranger amplifier's 50% more.
Name Faction Additional info.
Sm11 Dronebaym11 LDroneM11 Drone M11 Veniri Pulse Cannon Type
Sm21 M21 Lm21 Drone M21 Bushrak Laser Beam Type
Sm22 M22 Lm21 Drone M22 Bushrak Stasis Field Type
Sm31 M31 Lm31 Drone M31 Korerans Proton Torpedo Type
Sm41 M41 Lm41 Drone M41 Taraniak Lightning Cannon Type
Sm51 M51-54 LDroneM54 Drone M51 Sayjix Plasma Cannon Type
Sm54 M51-54 LDroneM54 Drone M54 Sayjix Missile Launcher Type
Sa1 A1-0 LDroneA1 Drone A1 Daazen Energy Siphon Type
Small drone bay m81 Drone bay m81 LDroneM81 Drone M81 Unknown Laser/Repair Type
Name Faction Ener. Con Weight Additional info.
Small Drone Factory Korerans 8 100 Drone Build Time: 5.0
Drone Factory Korerans 16 200 Drone Build Time: 2.0
Large Drone Factory Korerans 24 300 Drone Build Time: 1.0
Small Drone Navigation Computer Veniri 4 100 Drone Range: +40%

Drone Build Time: +10%

Drone Navigation Computer Veniri 8 000 Drone Range: +90%

Drone Build Time: +20%

Large Drone Navigation Computer Veniri 12 300 Drone Range: +150%

Drone Build Time: +30%

Small Drone Damage Booster Sayjix 4 100 Drone Damage: +40%

Drone Build Time: +10%

Drone Damage Booster Sayjix 8 200 Drone Damage: +90%

Drone Build Time: +20%

Large Drone Damage Booster Sayjix 12 300 Drone Damage +150%

Drone Build Time +30%

Small Drone Defense Booster Bushrak 4 100 Drone Defense: +50%

Drone Build Time: +5%

Drone Defense Booster Bushrak 8 200 Drone Defense: +120%

Drone Build Time: +10%

Drone Defense Booster Bushrak 12 300 Drone Defense: +204%

Drone Build Time: +15%

Small Drone Speed Booster Taraniak 4 100 Drone Speed: +40%

Drone Build Time: +10%

Drone Speed Booster Taraniak 8 200 Drone Speed: +90%

Drone Build Time: +20%

Large Drone Speed Booster Taraniak 12 300 Drone Speed: +150%

Drone Build Time: +30%

Additional System Edit

Special Icon

Additional System components offer enhancements or unique abilities.

Nanofiber Structures reduce the weight of your ship without cost.

Inertial Dampers/Stabilizers consume some power to reduce more weight than Nanofiber Structures.

The Warp Drive serves as a short range teleporting device. 

The High Energy Focus increases damage but also increases the energy cost per shot.

The Automated Re-loader increases fire rate.

The Stealth Field hides the ships from enemies. The field draws some energy when fired for once, and is nearly invisible to the enemies until firing weapons or being hit. It consumes some power when installed. Some enemies with Pulsar-type weapons will activate them if you get within range even if you are stealthed, likely hitting you and making you visible.

The Quantum Detonator destroys your ship and deals a large amount of damage to anything nearby.

The Repair Bot/Small Repair Bot, when manually activated, drains energy to repair your hull. It also consume some power when installed. Note that repair rate is a consistent percentage of the hit points of the ship it's equipped to. Be careful though, it will be destroyed IF it gets shot at. However, changing ships will allow it to be used again when swapping back.

The Targeting Unit allows weapons to aim better and, when equipped to satellites, allows them to rotate and shoot on that side of ship. The Targeting Unit only affect the slots it is attached to, i.e. if a ship have separate mounted weapon slots, each of them have to equip a Targeting Unit to affect all weapons.

The Rangemaster Unit increases maximum range (but not AoE) for all weapons but consumes some power.

The ECM Jammer allows ship to release 4 flares at the back. Flares confuse missiles, drones and targeting units.


Variable:  depends on ship size. Larger ships have a higher energy cost.

Con.: consumption. 

Module Faction Size Additional info.
Nanofiber structures
Nanofiber Structures Free Stars 1x1


Weight: -20
Intertial damper
Inertial Damper Neganari 1x1


Weight: -300

Energy con.: 1

Inertial stabilizer
Inertial Stabilizer Neganari 2x2


Weight: -1500

Energy con.: 5

Warp drive
Warp Drive Taraniak 3x3


Plus shape

Weight: 150

Energy Con.: Variable

High energy focus
High Energy Focus Zumbalari 1x1


Weight: 10

Energy con.: 0.50

Damage: +10%

Energy Cost: +10%

High energy focus m2
High Energy Focus M2 Zumbalari 2x2


Weight: 40

Energy con.: 1.00

Damage: +50%

Energy Cost: +50%

Automated re-loader
Automated Re-loader Zumbalari 1x1


Weight: 10

Energy Con.: 0.50

Fire Rate: +10%

Automated re-loader m2
Automated Re-loader M2 Zumbalari 2x2


Weight: 40

Energy Con.: 1.00

Fire Rate: +50%

Stealth field
Stealth Field Zumbalari 3x3



Weight: 210

Energy Con.: Variable

Special: Stealth - Makes the ship nearly invisible

Quantum detonator
Quantum Detonator Jurgans 2x2


Weight: 120

Energy Con.: Variable

Special: Destroys ship in exchange of damaging everything nearby.

Small repair bot
Small Repair Bot Korerans 1x1


Weight: 30

Energy Con.: Variable

Special: Heals ship: +5% per round of repair

Repair bot
Repair Bot Korerans 2x2


Weight: 120

Energy Con.: Variable

Special: Heals ship: +10% per round of repair

Targeting unit
Targeting Unit Neganari 1x1


Weight: 10

Special: Allows weapon-auto-aiming within a small angle to the front and satellite rotation.

Rangemaster unit
Rangemaster Unit Neganari 2x3



Weight: 50

Energy Con.: 1.25

Firing Range: +20%

Energy Cost: +20%

Ecm jammer
ECM Jammer Zumbalari 2x1


Weight: 60

Energy Con.: Variable

Special: Flares distract drones, missiles and targeting units.

Autopilot Module
Autopilot The Swarm 2x1 Green Weight: 20

Energy Con.: 0.2

Special: Allows ship to be controlled by AI, for AFK battles/farming

Satellites Edit

Satellites are attachments that can be equipped to your ships to add additional weapons or space for other modules. A ship can equip two of any type. Each satellite type comes in three sizes, M1 to M3. M1 has roughly six slots, with space for one small weapon. M2 has roughly 13, with space for one medium weapon. M3 has roughly 20 slots, with space for two large weapons or one very large weapon. Larger satellites will only fit on larger sizes of ships. An M3, for example, will fit on a Javelin (Heavy) but not a Paladin (Medium). Satellites with weapons will track targets within their range, but only if they're equipped with a Targeting System. Satellites add weight (even without modules) and therefore affect a ship's velocity and turn rate capabilities.

The Dart mounts C type weapons, can be researched and constructed in Veniri. New players start with one unequipped Dart M1.

The Glaive mounts T type weapons, can be researched and constructed in Korerans.

The Pot mounts no weapons, being purely for green and blue modules, can be researched and constructed in Zumbalari. New players start with one unequipped Pot M1.

The Potato mounts M type weapons, can be researched and constructed in Sayjix.

The Wasp mounts L type weapons, can be researched and constructed in Bushrak.

The Maggot mounts S type weapons, can be researched and constructed in Jurgans.

The Barrel mounts Engines, can be researched and constructed in Neganari.

The Hovertank has a size of 32 slots. It mounts 10 "C" type weapon slots, along with 12 "Thruster" slots, 9 "Green" slots, and 8 "Blue" slots. This massive beast of a satellite is only equip-able by Capital Ships. Is researched and constructed at one of The Empire's stars for 304,200 credits, 4 star materials, and requires a workshop level of 120.