Object 117
Object 117
Faction Unknown
Combat Class Battleship
Satellite Class Heavy
Base Hitpoints 61.00
Base/Minimum Weight 2440/1220
Workshop Level 70
Crafting Cost 74,420
Star Ingredient(s) 1

The Object 117 is a Battleship of the Unknown faction. It has high flexibility in T and C type weapons. It is among the few ships that are able to mount a Heavy Anti-Matter Torpedo, only sharing this characteristic with the Falcon and the Scavenger.

For player use, this ship can have a reasonable health and energy pool for a non-flagship (both over 300). Equipped it with a TU-assisted Heavy Anti-Matter Torpedo and 2 Built-in TU-assisted Railguns, some High Energy Focus modules and Reloaders (two of each at least), multiple drones, and an Afterburner, makes this an effective mid-game ship. Due to high damage but slow velocity torpedo, it's most effective againts slow and large foes.


The Object 117 prefers attacking from afar with long range weapons.

  • Non-veterans are armed with 2 Targeting Unit-assisted Heavy Proton Torpedoes and 2 Neutron Blaster M2s. These are slow enemies with moderate armor, and shouldn't be too hard to take down.
  • Veterans are armed with a Targeting Unit-assisted Heavy Anti-Matter Torpedo and 2 Mass Driver M2s. They have 2 M81 (repair/laser) drones. They also equipped an AI-only Inertial Nullifier to compensate for their heavy setup, and AI-only Super Stealth, though they rarely use it since they constantly charge the torpedo. These are high armor foes that will always use their Mass Driver M2s to attack if enemy get too close to be carried away and escape using the recoil, while simultaneously charge and attack with their damaging torpedo. Attacking with high damage ranged weapons from distance is advised.
  • Double Veterans are armed with a Targeting Unit-assisted Heavy Anti-Matter Torpedo and 2 Railguns. They trade the drones for Large Armored Fuel and equip a Repair Bot. Their tactics are similar to the Veterans - use Railguns recoil to get away, while use the torpedo to attack chasing ship.


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