Sayjix faction
Sayjix star
Colour Green
Capital Ship Oracle
Combat types Lasers, pulse cannons
Appears at level 50 and above

The Sayjix faction is one of the twelve factions of Event Horizon.They always use drones and various weapons and could be used as carriers. However, many of their ships use built-in Targeting unit with 360 degree arc of fire, which makes them a bit unique. But this ability makes them weak against ships with EMC Jammer.


Name Class Type
Messenger Frigate Light
Messenger Mk2 Frigate Light
Kryptoria Destroyer Medium
Proxima Cruiser Heavy
Chronos Battleship Heavy
Oracle Capital Ship Capital Ship

Tech TreeEdit


Name Workshop level Credits Star Material
Messenger 8 4,205 N/A
Messenger Mk2 29 8,670 1
Kryptoria 18 8,000 N/A
Proxima 33 18,000 N/A
Chronos 53 35,280 1
Oracle 176 1,201,335 28


Name Workshop level Credits Star Material
Small Drone Bay M51 3 250 N/A
Drone Bay M51 6 550 N/A
Large Drone Bay M51 9 550 N/A
Small Drone Bay M54 11 1,050 N/A
Drone Bay M54 16 1,550 1
Large Drone Bay M54 21 1,550 1
Small Drone Damage Booster 11 1,250 N/A
Drone Damage Booster 21 1,650 1
Large Drone Damage Booster 31 2,050 N/A


Name Workshop level Credits Star Material
Potato M1 13 7,200 N/A
Potato M2 18 12,800 N/A
Potato M3 23 45,000 1