Taraniak faction
Taraniak star
Colour Yellow
Mothership Kraken
Combat types Lightning guns, bombs
Appears at level 30 and above

The Taraniak faction is one of the 11 factions of Event Horizon. They are probably one of the more annoying factions to fight as lightning cannons pack a punch, and warp drives enable them to essentially "backstab" you unless your ship has a high turning rate or AB. Their regen is another problem, making battles of attrition a bad idea.






Tech TreeEdit


Name Workshop level Credits Star Material
Drone 8 2,880  N/A
Drone Mk2 27 5,880 1
Dragonfly 18 8,405  N/A
Hornet 28 23,000  N/A
Tarantula 43 45,000 1
Kraken 177 739,000 21


Name Workshop level Credits Star Material
Small Lightning Cannon 1 100 N/A
Small Lightning Cannon M2 3 300 N/A
Small Lightning Cannon M3 5 700 N/A
Lightning Cannon 9 3500 1
Small Stasis Field 6 100 N/A
Stasis Field 11 1,900 N/A
Pulsar 13 900 N/A
Heavy Anti-matter Bomb 18 2,900 N/A
Heavy Anti-matter Bomb M2 ? 4,100 1


Name Workshop level Credits Star Material
Small Drone Bay M41 4 250 N/A
Drone Bay M41 7 550 N/A
Large Drone Bay M41 ? 550 N/A
Small Drone Speed Booster ? 1,650 1
Drone Speed Booster ? 2,050 1
Large Drone Speed Booster 32 2,500 1


Name Workshop level Credits Star Material
Warp Drive 16 750  N/A

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