Faction Daazen
Combat Class Capital Ship
Satellite Class Capital Ship
Base Hitpoints 99.50
Base/Minimum Weight 4230(3980+250)/1990
Workshop Level 225
Crafting Cost 594,015
Star Ingredient(s) 19

Tartarus is the Capital Ship of Daazen, and also the smallest Capital Ship.

Its 360 degree auto-targeting non-unlockable Heavy Vampiric Ray is the only weapon that can be installed by this ship unless it has satellites. This Capital Ship, be it in player or NPC hands, can regenerate damage without any Repair bot at all. It is also the second fastest Capital Ship without any afterburner.

For player use, it's advised to use Resistance modules instead of armor as it pairs better with vampire weaponry. Rangemaster Units and High Energy Focus to supplement the low damage and short range of its primary weapon are practically a must as well. Additional high DPS weapons such as Plasma Thrower can be installed on satelites to handle high HP foes.

Appearance Edit

This sinister looking Capital Ship resembles a triangle with glowing red edges and black panels, with a sort of "Eye" at the middle. Icon-wise, it's a black pyramid.

Strategy Edit

It is worth noting that this Capital Ship can only fight at close range.

  • Non-veterans are equipped with Heavy Vampiric Ray. Since they are slow, attacking from mid-long range will defeat it without your ship taking a scratch.
  • Veterans are armed with an AI-only No-type Heavy Vampiric Ray M2 that can provide faster regeneration. They are also equipped with a Stealth Field to hide from you. Missile Ships are not advised to be used against them. ECM Jammer works well to redirect the ship's mounted Targeting-unit enhanced ray. Keep in mind that they also have Energy Absorbers(over 56% resistance), so energy-based weapons will most likely destroy YOU instead. It is advised to use Kinetic and Heat weapons to fight. Resistance Build ships are also not advised to fight them at close range, as the the ray is No-type and will make short work of them.
  • Double Veterans keeps the same weaponry but combines its Stealth Field with Cloaking Device and an AI-only Red Warp Drive to either escape or surprise-attack by getting too close. Depleting its energy pool to half will prevent it from using its energy-consuming Cloaking Device. Firing at it in a pulsed manner will help you hit it. EMP Torpedoes work very well against them. The same as its veteran counterpart, it is advised to use Kinetic and Heat weapons to fight.