The Syndicate faction
Colour Purple
Capital Ship Jormagund
Combat types Railguns and Missiles
Appears at level 80 and above

The Syndicate faction is one of the thirteen factions of Event Horizon. They rely heavily on projectile cannons and missiles, so fittingly their ships are the only ones capable of mounting the Stalker Missile Launcher (Excepting the Falcon and the Scavenger). All their ships have larger-than-average weapon mounts, electronics bays, and engine slots, in addition to 50% innate Energy resistance; though they have few armor slots. This faction is generally focused on long range skirmishing and high burst damage.

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Name Class Type
Goblin Frigate ?
Banshee Destroyer ?
Valkyrie Cruiser ?
Yeti Battleship ?
Jormungand Capital Ship Capital Ship

Tech TreeEdit