Unknown faction
Unknown star
Colour Violet
Mothership Doomstar
Combat types Tachyon Beams, Heavy Anti-matter Torpedoes, special Stealth Fields, various weapons
Appears at level 150 and above

The Unknown faction is one of the 11 factions of Event Horizon.

This faction favours chargeable weapons, like tachyon beams and the anti-matter torpedo. Their ships are very flexible in terms of weapons, although they are mostly made for specific heavy weapons.





Tech TreeEdit


Name Workshop level Credits Star Material
Object 34 10 10,125 N/A
Object 18 30 15,500 N/A
Object 61 50 36,800 1
Object 117 70 74,200 1
Doomstar 290 1,710,000 31


Name Workshop level Credits Star Material
Small Tachyon Beam 10 3,700 1
Tachyon Beam 70 6,300 2
Heavy Anti-matter Torpedo 80 6,700 2
Death Ray 300 12,100 4


Name Workshop level Credits Star Material
Small Drone Bay M81 40 2,550 2
Drone Bay M81 50 3,050 2
Drone Bay M81 60 3,050 2

Additional SystemsEdit

Name Workshop level Credits Star Material
Braking System 20 550 N/A
Fortification Module 30 1,350 2

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