• Darwel

    I'm done with this game - RANT

    February 20, 2016 by Darwel

    Warning: RANT.

    OK everyone, it was a nice time and this wiki has been helpful many times.

    Until now.

    I finally updated EH to version 0.10.7. I got my Doomstar, have almost every Flagship, so I told myself what else to do, at least I'll be able to use Death Ray on Doomstar.

    But the dev said NO. SCREW YOU, player of my game, i will shove down your throat even GREATER difficulty, lvl 200 ships are the same pain in the ass like lvl 100 000 (!!!!!!) ships before. My THOR feels completely powerless above 300 LY away from base. It takes forever to take down one 250 lvl ship, exactly like some 2500 LY from base before.

    And best of all - my Doomstar did NOT ACQUIRE IT'S DEATHRAY. It is fu*cking empty. I won't grind for another Doomstar, not with this bu…

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