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  • ICyanider

    This blog will be filled with videos with quick clips of all golden weapons. I will only involve those with a difference in Visuals. I will do this in Frontier as they can be easily crafted in the aforementioned game.

    First: Heavy Antimatter Bomb M2 +100 AoE

    Tomorrow will be Heavy Ion Cannon +100% AoE.

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  • ICyanider

    This game is a sci-fi one, meaning there must be basis to everything in this game.

    Let's only mention the powerful weapons:

    • Tachyon Beam- based from the theoretical particle called tachyonwhich always travel more than the speed of light (299,792,458 m/s=OMG). And that you need INFINITE energy to make a massive object (and I mean objects with mass) to travel at the speed of light. I think that the massive damage dealt by this weapon(especially from Doomstar) is caused by the immense amount of energy overheating the hull and insides of the enemy to trillions of degrees C.
    • Heavy Anti-matter Torpedo- we(maybe) know that matter has an opposite, antimatter . The charging of this weapon takes some time because it probably needs to compress the anti-…
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