This is a page detailing all of the current wiki editing, creating, reformatting, or overhauling tasks/projects currently in progress or completed. If you would like to contribute to the wiki, start here! Please also read the Style Guide!

Reformatting Edit

  • Imperial tag, should be changed to The Empire.
  • All the faction pages need their ships to be made into a table, not a list!
  • Re-do the ship infbox; giving it more info (sprites?), and work properly for mobile. This will require an edit on *every* page that contains it. Copying the template under a new name will prevent breaking the old one.
  • Make a page listing all possible module bonus options. Such as how armor can be +armor or -weight
  • Merge the Starbase and Base pages, or make one relate to enemy bases, and the other to the player base.
  • Ret-con Unaligned.
  • The ship category pages.
  • Almost all instances of "degree" should be replaced with the "°" degree symbol.


  • Stubs all need to be worked on!
  • Pages for individual items!
  • Wormship need to be split into two pages once one of them is renamed!
  • All ships need their base crafting cost/level req updated whith no captain buffs!
  • Some of the stuff on Sythion's to-do list!
  • Mark redundant, useless, off-topic, or otherwise poorly thought out pages for deletion.